The Perfect Pear

Can I eat while juicing?

Optimal results are delivered when the digestive system is in full rest mode, however, we do offer juice cleanse options that allow eating. Please see our juice cleanse page for further instruction.

Do you offer cold pressed juicing?

Yes. Our top of the line technology delivers quality cold press juice to help retain nutritional value.

What is the shelf life of your juices?

Our cold press juices have a shelf life of up to 5 days depending on produce used.

How often should I Juice?

Tricky question, but we have the answer. It all depends on your health initiatives and goals. If you have a clean bill of health and you’re not medicine friendly, the recommendation is once every 2-3 months. We often say change your palate with the season...A Quarterly Renewing.

If you’re health profile is a little more challenging, similar to many of our Pear Pals, juicing should be a monthly regimen. What’s a monthly activity you partake in throughout the year? Maybe it’s massage therapy, acupuncture delight, hip bath treatment, or a hiking adventure....you should include juicing as a form a detoxing and spiritual nourishing. Some Pear Pals juice every 2 weeks!

Do you offer Subscriptions or Rewards Programs?

Providing our Pear Pals with the best deals, specials, etc. is a highlight for our business model. Check out our VIPP Program

Do you offer smoothie packages?

Our smoothie packages are top of the line. Choose from our unique style menu or modify as needed. We use maximum produce and minimal ice so when it’s time to consume, the taste and quality mimics the fresh blend we present at the juice bar.
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Do you offer Shipping Options?

Yes. We do offer shipping options. Please allow 2 business days for processes and 5 business days for shipping after order is placed. We ship throughout the United States only.

Are the juices good?

Of course our juices are good! Some are more challenging than others depending on your palate meter. However, drinking for nutrition is the goal, not taste. Remember, we promote health first...trusting your palate is key when detoxing!

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