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Who We Are

Perfect Pear is a vibrant health and wellness juice bar founded on one simple principle: that nutrition should be simple and delicious. Founded in 2016, Chandra and Anthony Knight set out to inspire and cultivate healthy habits by creating authentic tasting juices. This perfect pair, with their passion for health, created Perfect Pear to show people juicing makes vegetables taste better and makes you feel great. Parents to two beautiful girls, they know how hectic life can be and want to promote convenience of healthy eating while on-the-go and also create a way for kids to get their fruits and vegetables from nutrient-rich juices.

What Makes Perfect Pear Different

Perfect Pear is a cold pressed juice bar that utilizes organic ingredients and quality products on the market to create the healthiest bottled juices and cleanses. Perfect Pear products are 100% natural to ensure you get the maximum health benefits from the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.