6 Reasons Why Women Should Consider Juicing Once Per Week

In today's world, the foods that we consume are causing changes in our bodies that can hinder our daily lives.

1. Headaches and migraines.

Juicing + water helps the body balance the amount of sodium intake from the foods we eat daily. 


2. Fibroids & menstrual pain.

Many women are not aware that they may have fibroids. Having a strong weekly regimen of juicing and sea moss helps the body receive powerful nutrients from superfoods to prevent or alleviate hormonal imbalances caused by the foods we eat.


3. Energy!

Many women struggle with energy levels. There is a lot of hormonal activity that goes on in our bodies on a monthly basis -- sea moss daily can help with your energy levels. 


4. Quarantine weight gain.

Let's face it. The pandemic caused a shift in the flow of daily activity for many! Gained weight? Juice weekly!!


5. Emotions / Mental health.

Again, with the foods that we tend to eat daily, hormonal imbalances caused by food can make you feel lethargic, sad, depressed, less happy, less energetic, & less motivated.


6. Fertility. 

Because of today's processed foods, it is becoming harder to conceive. Think about the amount of energy & nutrients it takes to create a baby. When our bodies are lacking certain nutrients, it can become harder to conceive. Incorporate a 5-day juice cleanse & sea moss each month.*